Innovation3D is a 3D modeling program written for UNIX. I have written a Quake™ import plugin for i3d. You can see a screenshot of the plugin development if you click on the thumbnail below. Warning: it's a rather large screenshot (1280x1020x16bit, accounting for 130353 bytes).

qmdl workbench
I3D QMDL plugin workbench

Right now I am also working on my own player model with a higher polygon count than the standard one. Once it is ready, I will put it on these pages.
You can see a very early screenshot of the model when you click on the thumbnail below. What you see there is a shoulder pad and part of the right arm, just above and below the elbow. Don't be too critical about it, as it is the first time I make a 3d model.

player model
800x600 pic

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