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The GNU Project is an effort by the Free Software Foundation to create an entirely free operating system. To this purpose they have developed a whole range of software utilities, and they are currently working on a Mach kernel named HURD to complete the operating system.
Another implementation of the GNU system is already operational and uses the Linux kernel instead.

One such Linux distribution is Debian GNU/Linux. Contrary to other distributions, Debian is a non-commercial Linux distribution: The Debian Project is a volunteer effort by over 600 people all around the world, which I am part of as well.
As The Debian Project does not have to be commercially successful, they can focus purely on the technical part of the distribution, and I believe that because of this it is (while perhaps not the most friendly distribution to inexperienced users) by far the best Linux distribution around. To quote Alan Cox (Linux kernel developer and RedHat employee): Supporting the IBM PS/2 machines is commercially impractical and has no business case. Red Hat won't install on a PS/2 machine. Debian has different constraints and guess what - Debian installs beautifully on a PS/2.

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